IT Business & Strategy

IT solutions and strategic consulting services that put service first, resulting in outstanding performance, quality, schedule adherence, cost control, and risk mitigation.

Entrust your mission-critical projects to the service leader in program management and control, IT infrastructure and operations, IT management, cyber security, and systems development and engineering.

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Managing for Success

Our expert personnel deploy tested and certified quality management systems to plan, manage, and control successful IT programs and projects.

Our services span the complete project management lifecycle with an emphasis on quality and cost controls, schedule adherence, and continual process improvement. In addition, we understand that effective management and diligent measurement go hand–in-hand, so we use the industry-standard earned value management (EVM) as the primary framework for technical project performance measurement.  The result is not only rigorous and reliable compliance with all contractual requirements, but also excellent industry and customer ratings.

Technical Competencies

• Program Management & Control
• System Development & Engineering
• IT Infrastructure & Operations
• IT Management
• Cyber Security

We're here to serve all of your IT needs with broad experience across the full spectrum of IT competencies, including:

  1. Rigorous IT project management and control
  2. Assisting public-sector customers in complying with contractual requirements
  3. Use of well-established and certified quality management systems
  4. Management techniques based on industry best practices and expertise gained through years of hands-on experience
  5. Effective management and diligent measurement
  6. Use of industry-standard earned value management (EVM) for technical project performance measurement
  7. All program and project management lead by PMP certified project managers
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Strategic Communinications

We execute story-infused marketing to deliver maximum business impact. Our team delivers a broad-base of executive-level storytelling expertise.

Great stories can lead to a stronger emotional connection with consumers, bigger brands, enhanced customer loyalty, improved investor relations, more motivated employees, increased donations, greater sales, and a more powerful business in the end. Let us show and tell the world your story.

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Why 5D?
Because we provide wild success to our clients and partners alike.